Wageningen University knows a very active Student Council that actively participates in the decisionmaking. VeSte has seven seats in the Student Council. Our focus is on active students and a good quality of education. On this website you can find all relevant information about the party, your representatives in the Student Council and - of course - the different dossiers we receive and have to decide upon.

Who is VeSte?

VeSte (Verenigde Studenten, United Students) is a Student Council party founded in 1997 by members of the Contractus student associations in order to represent these associations and their members in the newly founded Student Council of Wageningen University (WUR). Over the years, VeSte has sought to become more inclusive by cooperating with various kind of organisations, both within Wageningen and on a national and international level. VeSte represents active students, which forms the core of its identity. The VeSte faction 2019-2020 is keen on representing this group of students this year. 

What is our mission?

As a Student Council party, VeSte represents and supports active students of the WUR. Those are students that are willing to develop themselves both inside and outside the classroom. By engaging in extracurricular activities in various organisations and associations and by engaging in activities concerning with talent, knowledge and skill development these students create an atmosphere in which academic and societal development can thrive.

What does the current faction looks like?

The current VeSte faction is the 23rd, and acquired 7 seats in the Student Council during the last elections. We are:

Sophie Kuijten- Chair
Ralph van Herpen - Vice Chair
Lucas Hulsman - Secretary
Rick van der Tol - Treasurer
Kaj van den Heuvel - Internal Relations
Camille de Regt-Harvey - National Affairs
Larissa van der Zon - Public Relations

Where to find VeSte?

Feel free to contact us about any student or university related topic at veste@wur.nl or come by our office (room 014) on the Ground Floor of the Forum building.

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  • We have great news! Today the accreditation panel visited Wageningen University, and they will give a positive advice to the NVAO to approve our Quality Agreement plans. This basically means that we will receive an estimated additional amount of 37.2 million euros between 2019-2024, to improve the quality of education! So you will actually benefit from it! Curious about our plans to improve your education? You can find all the details here https://www.wur.nl/en/wageningen-university/About-Wageningen-University/Quality-agreements-WU.htm
  • Have you already seen the illustrations of the third educational building? According the current plans, the new building will come into use from September 2021. Besides a large lecture hall for 225 students, the building will house examination and project rooms. Furthermore, the building will have a food hall instead of just one caterer and it will be completely free of PCs, which is in the theme of the Study Anywhere Anytime project.
#VeSte #forstudents #studentfacilities #worldclasseducation
  • Tip #4 Working Posture
A good working posture is very important if you want to prevent any repetitive strain injuries or complaints of your neck, arms and shoulders. So, sit upright behind your desk, do not hunch over with your head and have your legs uncrossed in a 90° angle. To sit like this, you also have to ensure that your workplace is set-up the right way. In our first tip, we already mentioned how you can make your workplace as ergonomic as possible. However, you should not forget to install the equipment that support your posture in the right way. This includes your desk height and chair settings. Soon there will be an online learning tool available through Brightspace in which will be explained how you can set everything in such a way to optimize support for your posture during desk work. Furthermore, learn how to type blind! It might cost you some time but it prevents constant nodding and head hunching. And lastly, try to sit as relaxed as possible. But stay tuned for the last, because our next tip will be all about work pressure.
#VeSte #PreventRSI #StudentHealth #Workplace #Worktasks #Workingposture #workingtime #Workpressure
  • Are you willing to pay more for better coffee? Do you want the campus restaurants to offer more seasonal fruits? Do you prefer to eat in the Forum or the Orion building? This year, a working group on the vision on the food and beverages at WUR has started. Camille from VeSte is part of this group. So do you have any opinion or ideas about the coffee machines, the food corners, the vending machines, or anything else related to what you eat and drink on Campus? Let us know! Reply below or send an email to veste@wur.nl
#food #innovation #WUR #studentcouncil
  • Have you ever thought about what the course codes might stand for? Here is the explanation! This will be very convenient for planning your SPA (study programme approval) for example. Once you are aware of this, it will also be easy to remember. 
The first three letters indicate which chair group provides the course. The first number then indicates the course level. Level 1 courses are introductory, level 2 courses are continuing on level 1 courses, level 3 courses are specializing, and level 5 courses are capita selecta, which means that the chair decided it to be anything else. There are also code 9 courses, this means the course is given by a professor from another university. The second two numbers of the course codes are more for administrative purposes for the chair groups. The last two numbers of the course code indicate how many ECTS you get for following this course. Hopefully this handy hack will make your future study planning just a bit easier.
  • Did you know that VeSte made it possible for you to study in the PC-rooms during week 7 and 8 of the period? PC0425 is one of these rooms you can work in today, as well as the rooms PC0725, PC0767, PC0771, and PC0773. You can find the rooms that are open for self-study each morning at the reception desk in the Forum building. The rooms are open each day from 8.00h to 18.00h. 
We from VeSte want to wish you all good luck with the final stretch! 😉
  • Tip #3 Working Time
Research has shown that the risk of developing RSI and CANS seriously increases if you work more than six hours per day behind your laptop or computer. Therefore, it is important to not work behind your computer for longer than six hours a day. You will of course not immediately develop RSI if you work longer sometimes, however, it is good to be aware of the correlation between screen time and the risk of complaints. 
It is also very important to take regular breaks. For example, after one hour of continuous work, you should take a break for at least 5 minutes. In addition, you could take a 10 second break after every 10 minutes. 
Do you find it hard to remind yourself to take breaks, then give WorkPace a try! WorkPace is a software that reminds you when and how long you should take a break. Depending on how you put the settings, WorkPace will give you fewer or more reminders. WorkPace can be used for free by all WUR students! Just have a look at http://ict.wur.nl > WorkPace anti-RSI.
#VeSte #PreventRSI #StudentHealth #Workplace #Worktasks #Workingposture #workingtime #Workpressure
  • Today we had our first official Consultation Student Council meeting with Arthur Mol, the Rector Magnificus of WUR. There was one important topic on the agenda, namely the regulation of FOS for the Dutch, EU and non-EU students. If you want to know more about what was discussed or what we have advised to the Executive Board, you are always welcome to ask your questions! Just step by one of our offices, send a mail to veste@wur.nl or give us a call.
  • VeSte supports diversity!#pridewalk #wageningen

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