Wageningen University knows a very active Student Council that actively participates in the decisionmaking. VeSte has seven seats in the Student Council. Our focus is on active students and a good quality of education. On this website you can find all relevant information about the party, your representatives in the Student Council and - of course - the different dossiers we receive and have to decide upon.

Who is VeSte?

VeSte (Verenigde Studenten, United Students) is a Student Council party founded in 1997 by members of the Contractus student associations in order to represent these associations and their members in the newly founded Student Council of Wageningen University (WUR). Over the years, VeSte has sought to become more inclusive by cooperating with various kind of organisations, both within Wageningen and on a national and international level. VeSte represents active students, which forms the core of its identity. The VeSte faction 2017-2018 is keen on representing this group of students this year.Β 

What is our mission?

As a Student Council party, VeSte represents and supports active students of the WUR. Those are students that are willing to develop themselves both inside and outside the classroom. By engaging in extracurricular activities in various organisations and associations and by engaging in activities concerning with talent, knowledge and skill development these students create an atmosphere in which academic and societal development can thrive.

What does the current faction looks like?

The current VeSte faction is the 22th, and acquired 7 seats in the Student Council during the last elections. We are:
Sophie Galema - Chair
Sybren Zondervan - Vice Chair
Leonie Braks - Secretary
Ida Sinke - Treasurer
Aniek de Winter - Internal Relations
Bo Briggeman - National Affairs
Roos Verstegen - Public Relations

Where to find VeSte?

Feel free to contact us about any student or university related topic at veste@wur.nl or come by our office (room 014) on the Ground Floor of the Forum building.

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  • Did you just hear you will go abroad next year? Or did you just arrive at your exchange? For VeSte the possibility to go on exchange is very important. Therefore we recommend you to look at 'WUR goes abroad' , a platform designed by VeSte, where students can share their experiences at all kinds of places in the world🌍🌎🌏! #wurgoesabroad #exchange #broaddevelopment #vestegoesabroad #vestemembersonexchange #vienna #uppsala #kuopio #activestudents
  • Is this a throwback picture from last summer? Most certainly not! Students @uniwageningen are enjoying the early spring weather that makes these study weeks so much brighter :) #sunnydays #vitaminD #stressprevention #importantbreaks
  • Very honoured to get the chance to not only represent students at our university but also on a national level! At the social hackathon of coalitie Y we talked about for example well-being and finances of young people. #representingstudents #activestudents #thehague #tweedekamer #stopstress

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