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Wageningen University knows a very active Student Council that actively participates in the decisionmaking. VeSte has seven seats in the Student Council. Our focus is on active students and a good quality of education. On this website you can find all relevant information about the party, your representatives in the Student Council and - of course - the different dossiers we receive and have to decide upon. Feel free to contact us about any student or university related topic at veste@wur.nl or come by our office (room 014) on the Ground Floor of the Forum building.

The current VeSte faction is the 21th, and acquired 7 seats in the Student Council during the last elections. We are:  
  • Bregje de Regt - Chair
  • Jaap Kerr - Vice Chair
  • Lisanne Kruiswijk - Secretary
  • Tim van der Kuijl - Treasurer
  • Menno Kasteleijn - Internal Relations
  • Isa Vroom - National Affairs
  • Matthijs Harmsen - Public Relations

Bregje de Regt

Jaap Kerr

Lisanne Kruiswijk

Tim van der Kuijl

Menno Kasteleijn

Isa Vroom

Matthijs Harmsen

You can contact us on our personal WUR-mail, but you can also send an e-mail to veste@wur.nl (we will make sure that the e-mail ends up with the right person)

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