Wageningen University knows a very active Student Council that actively participates in the decisionmaking. VeSte has seven seats in the Student Council. Our focus is on active students and a good quality of education. On this website you can find all relevant information about the party, your representatives in the Student Council and - of course - the different dossiers we receive and have to decide upon.

What is our mission?

As a Student Council party, VeSte represents and supports active students of the WUR. Those are students that are willing to develop themselves both inside and outside the classroom. By engaging in extracurricular activities in various organisations and associations and by engaging in activities concerning with talent, knowledge and skill development these students create an atmosphere in which academic and societal development can thrive.

How does the current faction looks like?

The current VeSte faction is the 21th, and acquired 7 seats in the Student Council during the last elections. We are:
- Bregje de Regt - Chair
- Jaap Kerr - Vice Chair
- Lisanne Kruiswijk - Secretary
- Tim van der Kuijl - Treasurer
- Menno Kasteleijn - Internal Relations
- Isa Vroom - National Affairs
- Matthijs Harmsen - Public Relations

Who is VeSte?

VeSte (Verenigde Studenten, United Students) is a Student Council party founded in 1997 by members of the Contractus student associations in order to represent these associations and their members in the newly founded Student Council of Wageningen University (WUR). Over the years, VeSte has sought to become more inclusive by cooperating with various kind of organisations, both within Wageningen and on a national and international level. VeSte represents active students, which forms the core of its identity. The VeSte faction 2017-2018 is keen on representing this group of students this year. 

Where to find VeSte?

Feel free to contact us about any student or university related topic at veste@wur.nl or come by our office (room 014) on the Ground Floor of the Forum building.

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  • “Hello active students! I am Bo Briggeman, I am in my third year of the BSc Nutrition and Health. I am a member of @ksvfranciscus  where you can find me with my “jaarclub”, sorority Esprit de la licorne or Theatre association de zingende tractor. I am also a member of Study association @diettri 
I am an enthusiastic student that is always involved in different projects and endeavours. For example, I have been part of diescommissie Déjà Vu in 2016/17 where I was responsible for the PR and different activities throughout the week. Nowadays I am at sportcentrum de Bongerd almost every day since we are located here with de @gnsk18 board, where I am commissioner of Logistics & Entertainment. So it might not come as a surprise to you that I love to do sports!
I am a candidate for the Student Council Wageningen as a VeSte-member since I believe that effort should be put into the maintenance and improvement of the level of education as well as the vibrant student life of Gemeente Wageningen. 
This year I believe we should follow-through on the course of last year, focussing on the well-being of students. This could for example be done by increasing the prevention and awareness toward RSI as well as paying attention to mental health issues. Furthermore I want work to ensure that the growth of the university does not cause a decrease in the quality of our world class education. Therefore more study places, both on the Campus and in the city centre, should become available for students. Furthermore I think it is important that lab skills are not acquired anymore by students due to the replacement of practical classes by e-learning methods. These should be complementary, not a replacement.
Taking on these points in the next year will enable students to still enjoy our world-class education and the vibrant student life outside of uni. If you agree, vote #2 (Bo)!" #MaakerwatvanmetBriggeman #LetsgowithBo #voteVeSte
  • “Grüß Gott! My name is Leonie Braks and I’m a third year bachelor student of the BSc Molecular Lifesciences. I’m writing this all the way from beautiful Vienna, where I’m doing an Erasmus semester at BOKU - Universität für Bodenkultur Wien. It’s really cool to make new friends from all over Europe learn about the differences between cultures. I’m really enjoying myself here, but I’m also looking forward to coming back to the great student life in Wageningen and I look forward as well to being a Student Council member for the VeSte party. In Wageningen I’m really enjoying all parts of student life as a member of both @ksvfranciscus and M.S.V. Alchimica. If I’m not with friends from one of these associations you will probably find me in the swimming pool with my waterpoloteam.
Last year, I was in the board of Alchimica as study commissioner, this was a great experience, where I got to know a lot of new people and learnt many new things. I now appreciate the vibrant student life in our small Wageningen even more as I saw how many of us are investing their time in making sure that people are having a great time and I am proud to say that I contributed a little bit to this. My board year also gave me the first look behind the scenes of the university. I realized that it is very important that we as students take matters into our own hands, because we are the ones that know what changes are needed to improve education. In meetings with the programme committee it came to my attention that some problems cannot be solved by the study program alone. For example it’s very important to me to ensure that prospective MSc students meet high standards concerning labskills, so that they are fully competent when participating in the advanced courses. Also in these times of growth, I believe it’s important to maintain a rich learning environment and I want to stimulate programs. #voteVeSte
  • “Hi! My name is Sybren Zondervan (21) and I wish to be in the Student Council Wageningen 2018-2019 for the VeSte party. Currently, I am a third year Food Technology student, working on my thesis at the Food Physics and Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter departments. I am an active member of study-association Nicolas Appert and at the moment I am treasurer of my independent food technologists fraternity ‘’OnVerWagT XXX’’. In my spare time I like to play the piano, which I often do at the Open Mics at The Spot - For students, by students and all around Wageningen with either one of my bands, the ‘’GuteNAbend’’ and the ‘’Onder Koffer’’-band.
At Nicolas Appert I worked as Vice-President of the board, making me responsible for the committees and all active students within our association. In light of the initiation of our international bachelor program next academic year, I was also responsible for working on our internationalisation policy. Also being a mentor for first years students, organising walk-along and open days, and evaluating educational developments are things I worked on at Nicolas Appert.
At the moment, I am working on a digitalization in education assessment for the Food Technology program. Especially with the increasing amount of available digital possibilities in education, it is important that these new options are implemented usefully in a secure way. One of these possibilities is the use of knowledge clips. It is essential however that effective student-teacher contact is maintained. Therefore, I want to look into the possibilities of the flipped classroom. Where knowledge clips are watched at home, whilst during lectures students and teachers can actively use the newly learned theory in discussions and cases. Resulting in more efficient and interactive student-teacher contact, raising the level of our world-class education. Secondly, an increasing issue everybody faces, is freeriders during group work, the people who just tag along during group work. I wish to develop a university wide system in which this kind of behavior is prevented, so everyone is fairly graded corresponding to the effort and heart they put into a project.” #voteVeSte

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