The current 21st VeSte faction exists of 7 students. They represent all active students in the academic year 2018/2019.

FLTR: Isa Vroom, Tim van der Kuijl, Jaap Kerr, Bregje de Regt, Lisanne Kruiswijk, Menno Kasteleijn, Matthijs Harmsen

Bregje de Regt

Function: Chair Student Council and chair VeSte

Portfolio: Daily board, Communication

Projects working on: Extended Daytime Schedule


Jaap Kerr

Function: Vice-Chair

Portfolio: Education & Finances

Projects working on: English requirements, Education & Examination Regulations


Lisanne Kruiswijk

Function: Student Council secretary and VeSte secretary

Portfolio: Facilities & IT

Projects working on: Student Information System (new MyPortal)


Tim van der Kuijl

Function: Treasurer

Portfolio: Finance and education

Projects working on: Upcoming elections, quality agreements 2019/2022


Menno Kasteleijn

Function: Commissioner Internal Affairs

Portfolio: Student/ study/ and other associations, staff

Projects currently working on: Matching regulations


Isa Vroom

Function: Commissioner National Affairs

Portfolio: National- education and housing

Projects working on: Student assistants


Matthijs Harmsen

Function: Commissioner Public Relations and Student Council treasurer

Portfolio: Communication and Finance

Projects working on: WU Budget 2019, Internationalisation