The current 22st VeSte faction exists of 7 students. They represent all active students in the academic year 2018/2019.

FLTR: Bo Briggeman, Ida Sinke, Sybren Zondervan, Sophie Galema, Leonie Braks, Aniek de Winter, Roos Verstegen

Sophie Galema

Function: Chair Student Council and chair VeSte

Portfolio: Daily board, Communication

Projects working on: Extended Daytime Schedule


Sybren Zondervan

Function: Vice-Chair

Portfolio: Education & Finance

Projects working on: Quality Agreements, Skills innovation


Leonie Braks

Function: Student Council secretary and VeSte secretary

Portfolio: Education & IT

Projects working on: Extended Daytime Schedule


Ida Sinke

Function: Treasurer

Portfolio: Finance and education

Projects working on: WU Budget 2019, Euroleague and upcoming elections


Aniek de Winter

Function: Commissioner Internal Relations

Portfolio: Student organisations and internationalisation

Projects currently working on: Bring Your Own Device, RSI prevention, Extended Daytime Schedule


Bo Briggeman

Function: Commissioner National Affairs

Portfolio: Facilities & IT

Projects working on: Strategic Plan (2019-2022), Bring Your Own Device and Catering


Roos Verstegen

Function: Commissioner Public Relations

Portfolio: Education and Promotion

Projects working on: WU Budget 2019, Quality Agreements, RSI prevention