1. Sophie Kuijten

Hello active students! My name is Sophie Kuijten and I am a third year student of the BSc Biosystems Engineering. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you can find me at my student association KSV st. Franciscus Xaverius, where I have been active within the Sociëteitscommittee. Next to that, I am a member of study association Heeren XVII, where I also did several committees. Last year, I was for example part of the Almanac committee. Besides enjoying student life, I run my own ice cream shop, which I started a few years ago in my hometown!

I am a candidate for the Student Council as a VeSte-member, because I like to think about how we can maintain and improve the study environment for all students at Wageningen University. I believe that it is very important to develop yourself next to your studies, and Wageningen offers a lot of opportunities to do so. Because of this, I want to make sure that there will be more support and facilities for students doing extracurricular activities.

I also want to ensure that the quality of education remains high. Therefore, I want to help student assistants to improve their quality, by for example, implementing more opportunities for training and practicing. By doing so, tutorials and practicals can be better tutored and will be more effective.

Last but not least, I want to implement academic writing in courses of the bachelor programmes, so students can develop better skills in writing essays, reports or their thesis.

Most importantly however, I would like to listen to your opinions and ideas, and integrate them in the improvement of the number one university in the Netherlands! Do you agree? Vote for me!

2. Camille de Regt-Harvey

Hello active students! My name is Camille de Regt-Harvey and I'm in my third year of the Bachelor Nutrition and Health. I knew I would receive a great education in Wageningen, but I really didn't know what to expect from living as a student here.

Since day one, I've loved taking part in many activities at different organisations. As a member of KSV St. Franciscus Xaverius, I have participated in various committees and I'm also a member of the Study Association Di-Et-Tri. Right now, I'm on exchange at the University of Iceland. Studying abroad for a few months has taught me a lot about myself and other cultures. It's been an amazing experience and I want to inspire and encourage other students to take part in the exchange programmes too.

Furthermore, good mental health has become a more pressing topic last few years. More and more students are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Next year, I want to spread the WURd about mental health and better inform students on the help which the university offers to its students. I want to help students who are struggling with these issues by organising more workshops, trainings and information sessions.

Last but not least, I've noticed that many of us are insecure about future career options. I would like to improve the career orientation element of the education programmes by promoting excursions to companies and  availability of career orientation coaches to support students in finding their most suitable career and how to get there.


I’m very excited to be part of the Student Council and to work on a better environment for students. By voting for me I will make sure your rights and demands are represented! Vote for blue, vote for #2! (Camille)

3. Lucas Hulsman

Heya, I am Lucas Hulsman (20) and I want to be in the 2019/2020 Student Council, representing VeSte. I am a third-year Environmental Sciences student, currently working on my bachelor thesis about air quality at the Meteorology and Air Quality Group. I am a member of WSR Argo, Aktief Slip, Pyrus and WuBDA. I greatly enjoy having met all kinds of wonderful people there. In my spare time, I am mostly occupied with making or listening to music.

Last year, I was the secretary of Aktief Slip, followed by being president thereafter. This made me even more involved in the student life of Wageningen and has taught me a lot about the university and how it is managed. I will actively use these experiences in order to make the voices of students heard.

One of the things I like most about the WUR is its focus on sustainability, both in the study programmes it offers and in the way it has the most sustainable campus in the world. As an environmental scientist, I am passionate about the goals this university has set for itself and I want it to continue improving its own sustainability on all fronts. I will use my experiences and studies as an environmental scientist to help the WUR reach and reform these goals.

Also, in order to ensure that education quality is increased, I want to improve the student-teacher ratio, allowing for students to have more effective contact with their teachers. I also want to boost the WiFi quality on campus, ensuring that internet connection is never a obstacle for students bringing their own devices.

I will use your vote to help you in your ideas, to ensure your problems become priority and to avoid your voices being ignored!

4. Larissa van der Zon

Hi! My name is Larissa van der Zon, I am 22 years old and I would love to become a member of the next years’ Student Council. I believe that having an active student life is one of the most valuable aspects of being a student, which is completely in line with the ideas of VeSte. I have quite an active student life myself. Besides finishing up my bachelor Nutrition and Health, I have gained many experiences from organizing the European Study Trip for Nutrition and Health students, going on an Erasmus Exchange to University College London, where I also did some volunteering work, being an active member (and part of the Graphical Committee) of student association W.S.V. Ceres, and lastly, backpacking and working in other countries, including Australia, Spain and Italy. All these experiences were not only a lot of fun, they also inspired me with many new ideas, gave me a much broader perspective on cultural differences and motivated me to contribute my part to the world.

But before I will do so, I would love to represent you within the board of Wageningen University. Alongside continuing to fight to maintain high quality education and to support opportunities for an active student life, I have three main goals I want to achieve next year. Firstly, I want to make the new “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy an addition for students and not a limitation. Secondly, I want to prioritize mental health and student wellbeing. For instance, to reduce the risk of getting RSI and burnouts, it could be helpful to implement information sessions about stress and RSI prevention, especially before starting a thesis. And finally, I want to promote a more sustainable university by investing in digitalization. For one thing, by ensuring that course readers always become available online, paper waste will be reduced.

By carefully listening to your interests, and using my creativity, enthusiasm and experiences, I am determined to represent YOU at our university the coming year. Worth a vote, right?

5. Ralph van Herpen

“What’s good active students! My name is Ralph, I’m 21 years old and currently finishing my bachelor in Biology. When I moved from Rotterdam to Wageningen for my education, I initially thought that in contrast to the city, Wageningen would quickly bore me. It turned out to be quite the contrary! Next to becoming a member of Biologica, I also became a member of SSR-W, where I took seat in several committees. The most notable example is SSR-W’s Parliament, that I chaired for a year. In my spare time, I enjoy most being around my friends and listening to music (together), but I also enjoy the solitude when reading a good book. If you’ve ever wondered who sets up and brings down the chairs and tables in the Bongerd during exam periods, that’s me!

I’m a candidate for VeSte because I think that in the current growth of the university, it’s important to be able to keep on developing yourself with extracurricular activities. Next year, I want to make sure the EDS is evaluated critically and in favor of the active students. Moreover, with the contemporary increase of stress among students, I would like to see an increase in mental health supporting facilities. This will improve the waiting lines for both the scheduled meetings, as well as the walk-in moments with a student psychologist, which currently can be quite long. To take some stress away and fill the time gaps the EDS creates, I want to upgrade the coffee machines in Forum and Orion. Not only with better machines, but also by adding fair-trade and organic coffee, to improve some sustainability and flavour! However, I can’t fight for this without your vote, so vote on me, because coffee is key!

6. Rick van der Tol

Hey active WUR students! My name is Rick van der Tol and I would like to be your man in the student council for VeSte coming academical year! As an active student myself, I understand what’s important to you. I understand that there’s more to being a student than only studying. Your years at the university are also very valuable for personal growth and I believe all students should have to opportunity to develop themselves. Currently I’m on an Erasmus exchange to the university of Kassel, where I study Economics and Management. In Wageningen I’m in the third year of my Bachelor Plant Sciences. Also, I’m a member of the student association Ceres and the study association Semper Florens. All in all these experiences have given me a broad view about student life and possible improvements for the active students.

One of the large challenges that the WUR and the student council are going to tackle coming academical year and the issue I would like to focus on, is the proper allocation of the funds made available by the implementation of the loan system. In my opinion the active students should benefit and their voices should be considered during the allocation of the funds. In addition to this, I would like to contribute to the improvement of the integration between the students and the city, and I will strive to increase the amount of places to study during the self-study and exam weeks.

Let your voice be heard and go vote!

7. Kaj van den Heuvel

Hello students of Wageningen! My name is Kaj van den Heuvel (20 years old) and I am a third year bachelor student Communication and Life Sciences. For next year I am hoping to join the Student Council on behalf of VeSte.
Last Year I did a board year at my study association Ipso Facto where I worked as commissioner of external affairs. I have found this a really great year where I have met a lot of new and interesting people, but I also learned a lot about how the university functions behind the scenes. I am also still an active member at my student association K.S.V. Franciscus.
In my spare free time I like to play football or go for a run. I am also a huge surfing fan, so in the holidays I try to find some time to practice it for myself.

Even though Wageningen is a very small city, I have experienced that this city has an exciting student life. For me that was an important reason to stay here in Wageningen and join the Student Council. I want to cherish the student-friendly atmosphere here that stimulates a vibrant student life, so that all students have the opportunity to develop themselves. For next year I will try to expand housing and sporting facilities, so that all students have the opportunity to get the most out of themselves. On an educational level, I will strive for a better and more effective integration between (international) students within the WUR. With the goal to improve intercultural group work, between both  Dutch and international students.

With your vote I can accomplish all my goals and I will represent ALL students of the best university of the country.
Number seven can make it happen.

8. Marieke van Vonderen

Hi everyone! My name is Marieke van Vonderen and I am a third year bachelor student Nutrition & Health. I am currently in Norway for exchange. I follow courses at the faculty of Food Science. I am exploring Norway and Sweden and it is wonderful here! I you have the change to go on Erasmus, I would definitely recommend you to go. I am an active member of study-association Di-Et-Tri and I am a member of the sorority of Di-Et-Tri ‘Dionysos’. In my spare time, I like to eat with my room mates or go to the Bongerd with them.

I did a board year in 2018 at study-association Di-Et-Tri. I fulfilled the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs. This means that I was responsible for the committees, and helped them with organizing their activities and solving problems if needed. With the whole board, we tried to make the association more international with translating and organizing activities in English. Currently, I am the chair of the almanac committee. We started last November and we will announce our almanac in November 2020. I was mentor for first year students and helped at walking-along and open days.

Since I had an office during my board year, I had a place to sit and spend my lunch breaks. However, when I come back to Wageningen, I have no idea where to spend my lunch breaks. Therefore, I want to look into the possibilities of increasing the places to relax during lunch breaks.
I am studying in Norway for 4 months and the English level of the teachers has been pretty good. They knew what to say and how to explain subjects when students did not understand it the first time. In Wageningen still improvements can be made in this to ensure the best knowledge transfer to students.
I will start writing my BSc thesis in period 6. For my study, it is only possible to write a literature BSc thesis. There are some exceptions to do small research, but this is not for every student the same. Therefore, I would like to create the same chances and possibilities for students for a bachelor thesis on a high standard for the whole university.

With your vote I can use my experience, insights and capabilities to represent you at the highest levels of our university!

9. Dirk van Besouw (KSV Franciscus)

10. Kim Stukker (Ceres)

11. Sophie van der Vlugt (SSR-W)

12. Daniel Boer (Argo)

13. Ferens Bongers (Nji-Sri)

14. Charlotte Stam (Thymos)

15. Erika van Mourik (Mercurius)

16. Jesse Mesman (IxESN)

17. Charlotte Visser (Veetelers)

18. Femke van der Wolde (AID)

19. Fleur Natrop (CODON)

20. Eva Nielsen (Genius Loci)

21. Noa Tabak (Nitocra)

22. Sam Rosendahl (Nicolas Appert)

23. Esther van der Laan (Pyrus)

24. Karlijn Mijnheer (WSKOV)

25. Isa Sanders (Alchimica)

26. Merel van Zomeren (UniPartners)

27. Lisanne Vintcent (Di-Et-Tri)

28. Robbin Bloo (Heeren XVII)

29. Simone Penris (Enactus)

30. Milou Verstegen (Apollo)