Humans of the Student Council

Jaap Kerr

“For the Humans of the Student Council series, it is of course important to be, or at least seem, human. Although I sometimes see life more or less as a theatre, not everything can be part of a play. Sometimes sadness or joy is real and these are both aspects of life that we as humans have to cope with, also in the Student Council. I therefore value friendships and human relations very much, as they can bring a sense of realness in your life. Although I often seem very extroverted, I can at the same time be very reserved, which can put somewhat of a strain on relations. I always try my best at being a friend though, and I always hope people also like it when I act as a friend to them. Being very serious and ambitious, it is always nice when people act real to you, but sometimes, in Dutch culture, people try to avoid the downsides of life and relationships. Also, in the Netherlands, I think friendships are often less all-encompassing than in other cultures, and I also have a hard time in calling someone my best friend. Having an international background, I always try to look at society and relations from different perspectives, but I also try to engage in it. Maybe this explains also my love for making and taking in classical music, such as opera. Speaking multiple languages is very useful when engaging in life, as I believe language forms the keystone of any human relation. In the multidisciplinary and international nature of the WUR, I sometimes feel languages ought to be taken more serious. In the future I hope to be a diplomat, in particular because this profession combines languages, cultures, interests and knowledge.” Jaap Kerr

Bregje de Regt

 “The moment I heard I was elected to be on the list of VeSte, I just started shouting and dancing in the metro. At that moment I was in Paris for an Erasmus programme. An old French man lifted his eyebrows and wondered what could have happened that made me so happy all of a sudden. I tried to explain what the Student Council was and that I just found out that I was on the list of VeSte. I don’t think the sweet old man understood anything of it, but I was too happy to realise that then. After this news, I finished my Erasmus and went back to Wageningen for the elections. At the moment, I am the Chair of the Student Council and together with the rest of the Student Council I am looking forward to improving our University. My motto is that there is always the possibility of solving difficult issues in a positive and creative manner. I am sure that together we can accomplish beautiful things! Come by for a cup of coffee if you have ideas or anything to say about the University!” Bregje de Regt

Lissane Kruijswijk

“I am always a very happy and inspired person, but it would be hard for me to name a tangible source of inspiration or an example for me. Maybe that is because I am quite down to earth, but I don’t really have an inspiring life story yet either. I can get excited for the most foolish ideas, like singing Christmas songs in the summer! Other people always see me as a ‘happy egg’, which I like because it is more or less how I am. Nothing more, nothing less, maybe a little cheeky too. Still, I feel relieved when I can let go of that facade a little and really connect with people in a more serious way. People also describe me as a dreamer and I can sometimes seem a bit absent; often wondering what my next adventure will be like. I think is also important to make your dreams into actions. Of course we don’t always have the choice, but when you do, make it and go for it all the way! It is what got me in the student council but it can also relate something small, like craft beers! Going to the pub with friends makes me very happy and when I really go for it, I try as many beer types as I can handle. I’d also like to add a shoutout to my fellow student council members who make me laugh so much every day!” Lisanne Kruiswijk

Matthijs Harmsen

 “Social media, what an extraordinary tool! If I have to come up with one thing that changed my life since I became a member of the Student Council I would say my new social media addiction. I won’t go to sleep without first checking the number of likes on the SC Facebook page and the first thing I do when I get up is seeing how many followers the VeSte Instagram has. Although I admit it may seem like a bad pathetic habit and my beautiful girlfriend ‘cutie’ is not really happy with it, I also want to stress the importance of making students aware of what we do as a SC. Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a free country in which it is stated in the national law that each university is obliged to have a council filled with students having important rights? I absolutely thinks so. Sometimes it would be a good thing to stand still and value the freedom we have to study here and the freedom we have to speak up. As a Student Council we’re representing all students! That’s why I think it is of such importance to inform everyone of what we do. Following on from this I want to urge all students to share their ideas with us. Tell us through social media, e-mail us or come by the office (Forum 012/014). You name it, we’ll try to fix it!” And start following the Instagram and Facebook so you’ll stay up to date and I wake up happy with even more followers to check!​” Matthijs Harmsen

Isa Vroom

“Why did I choose to go into the Student Council? In the first place to add an extra year to my student life and for the free coffee card. I ended up really liking it, though. With the Student Council we wrote two letters to the government concerning the funding of the university. On these moments especially you realise that the scope of your influence is so much bigger than just you and the people around you. I also have a passion for movies. It is a nice way of cultural expression with all these different factors. Music, actors, settings etc. all have such a big impact. Going to the cinema and watching the big screen makes everything seem bigger than life. I think this is why people still go watch a movie rather than sit home and watch Netflix. Movies make me focus on every single detail, also in life. I can admire things that seem very plain and normal. For instance, I walked through the forest this week and walked by an ordinary, quite old bench and trash can. In the city, no one would pay attention to a trash can. However, in this natural and calm environment, it stands out and I can really admire the beauty of these everyday objects. Also in life, I can enjoy seemingly small things. I wake up every morning and look forward to going to the office. It is nice to get a coffee with my friends from the Student Council and start the day together. These are the moments I realise how awesome it is to be in this position with this amazing group.” Isa Vroom