VeSte Vacancy

VeSte is a party in the Student Council which was founded in 1997. VeSte is an abbreviation of ‘Verenigde Studenten’ which means ‘United Students’. The Student Council has, as stated by law, powerful rights to influence university policies, for instance concerning facilities, regulations or budgets. These rights imply that we have influence on the decision making at WUR at different levels of the organization.

VeSte is committed to stimulate broad academic development by maintaining and improving the quality of education, student facilities and the possibility to do extra-curricular activities. VeSte stimulates the WUR to facilitate students to develop themselves within and besides their studies. VeSte represents the active students and works in a pragmatic way. The tasks of a VeSte member are not only to stay in touch with the active students, but also to implement the active students’ opinion in dealing with the university’s policies on the highest level and stay up-to-date about national developments.

A year in VeSte gives you the opportunity to develop many skills through trainings, organizing events and gaining experience in actively taking part in the policy processes of a large professional organisation. As a member of the Student Council you receive an official university certificate as substantiation of these acquired skills and experience at the end of the year. Besides that, you will get to know many interesting people, not only here in Wageningen but throughout the country, and have a lot of fun!

We are looking for students who:

  • Are motivated and team players
  • Are able to plan and prioritize
  • Have a critical eye
  • Have ideas how to improve the university (especially reflect on the last month’s education during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Are pro-active and pragmatically in their approach
  • Are interested in broadening their network
  • Have experience with working in a team, for example with voluntary work or in large committees or board (desirable)

If you are interested in becoming a VeSte member you can contact us for more information and join the interest drink on 21 January and 4 March. Furthermore, the Student Council organizes a lunch on the 15th of March with the Rector Magnificus, Arthur Mol, for those who are interested in joining the Student Council. We are looking for students interested in doing a fulltime board year in the academic year 2020-2021 to represent all active students of WUR. The application deadline for VeSte is the 17th of March. You can apply now by sending your CV, motivation letter and two references in English to